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{ Tips to Personalize your Wedding Vows }

Wedding vows are such a sweet aspect of every wedding. It's the time where the bride and groom look into each others eyes and express their love, their hopes for the future, and their commitment to one another. Traditionally, most couples would join at the alter, repeat their vows after the officiate, and kiss to seal the deal. However recently, many couples have chosen to create a more personal an intimate moment with their vows by foregoing tradition and writing their own. As sweet and romantic as this is, it can often be difficult to put these thoughts into words. That's where we come in! We've come up with ten tips to make personalizing your wedding vows a breeze.

1. Start with who your future spouse is to you

Often times it's good to begin your wedding vows with a sentence or two about who and what your future spouse is to you. This could be stating that they are your best friend, your lover, your sunshine on a rainy day, your everything... The list is endless.

2. What you Love

Continue your wedding vows by stating all of the things that you love about your partner. Think about why and when you decided you wanted to spend forever with them. Think about all of the things that you love about your partner and why they are important to you. Writing all of your thoughts will not only remind you about what it is that draws you to this person but it will also allow you to choose the most important aspect that you want to include in your vows.

3. Use a story

Using a short story about a time you had with your partner can help create an image in the minds of your guests of just how beautiful your love is. it is also a wonderful way to bring to light a joyous memory that the two of you share together.

4. What you promise

Make promises to your partner and vow to keep those promises. This can be something funny such as, "I vow to never leave the toilet seat up" or as meaningful as "I vow to stand by you and support you in everything that you do". Take some time to think about ways that you want to show your love to your spouse and how you will keep that love alive.

5. Together

Think of things that you want to accomplish or do together. What are some things that you look forward to sharing with one another. This can be as simple as saying "I want to grow old together" or "I want to wake up every morning beside you". Whatever it is make it personal.

6. Through thick & thin

Make sure to include something that reassures your partner that you will be there beside them for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Promise that when times get hard that you will cling to one another and grow your love.

7. "As long as we both shall live"

Last but not least include one last promise. Promise to love forever, until death do us part.

Writing your own vows is such a special and rewarding thing. Don't get caught up in making every word perfect.

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