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9 Things You Need for Your Floral Consult

Preparing for your wedding floral consult begins way before your actual meeting. Some of the items that you will need to take to the meeting are elements that will help you set the tone for your entire event. Most people do not relate that every element of the wedding planning coordinates. The floral and décor elements help to bring all of those elements together and make them cohesive. Sherri Christensen, Soirees Southern Events' owner, founder, & florist, created a list of what will make the meeting go much more smoothly and stress free! Here is what Sherri recommends:


It is very important is create a budget for the entire wedding and to determine what portion of the budget will be available for floral and décor.


It is imperative to consider your venue when selecting your colors and style so that they are not competing with what you are trying to accomplish.


It is necessary to provide color swatches if possible for the wedding party dresses and suits. If you know the selection of colors that you would like to use in addition to the wedding party colors, please bring Pinterest photos, paint chips, or magazine photos to show what color palette you would like to use.


If you have favorite flowers that you would like to have incorporated into your bouquet and table decor, please bring a list or photo of those flowers. And remember, Pinterest is a great resource for pulling photos of florals that you come across and like!


If you have any flowers or coordinating color options that you do not like, it is important to provide that in the meeting.


What words would you use to describe your wedding style? Modern, Rustic, Elegant, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse Charm? The style of the wedding should be carried through all elements from the invitations, to the color of the dresses, the style of the wedding cake, and to yes, the flowers. Again, any pictures that you can provide that help express what your vision is would be most helpful to bring. PINTEREST is a great tool to help you find photos that express your vision.

Photography | Mary Claire Photo + Video (1, 2, 3 ), Bella Noche (4, 5), Peyton Mariah (6, 7)


It is important to have an idea of the style bouquet that you want to carry down the aisle on your big day. There are many styles such as Round, Nosegay, Cascade, Fresh Garden Picked, BOHO, etc. Pin your favorite photos and bring those to the meeting.


It is important to provide your floral designer with the approximate number of guests that will be attending the event. It is just as important to provide a list of all wedding attendants and family members that will need flowers for the ceremony. This list should include Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, the Flower girl, the Ring Bearer, Mothers, Grandmothers, Fathers, Grandfathers, and the Minister.


The layout of the venue for the reception is a necessary element in planning the table décor. Are you planning on having an Estate Table, Wedding Party Table, or Sweetheart Table for 2? Are your guests to be seated at round tables or rectangle tables or maybe a combination of both?  The wedding style will dictate the style of the table décor. Also, you may want to consider the height of the ceilings to determine if a tall table scape option should be included as well. Photos here are helpful if you see anything that you like. I usually recommend at least 3 different table styles to give the room depth and a floral feast for the eyes.

I hope that this information helps to make your floral consult less stressful and more fun. The flowers are the element that completes your wedding day vision!

-Sherri Christensen

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