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A.P. + Ryan White


A.P. + Ryan's wedding took place on a gorgeous September afternoon, and we could not have be more in love with how their Big Day panned out! They planned to have their wedding out-of-state here in Lula, GA, and we loved getting to know them throughout the entire process. They brought a fun, creative element to her wedding by DIYing many aspects of their wedding, including this gorgeous macrame arbor piece that A.P. made by hand in the months leading up to her Big Day! Continue reading to see their story & more of these gorgeous photos!

"Ryan and I went to high school together. He is a grade year younger than I am, but we were not friends in high school. We had different friends and never really crossed paths. I went to FSU with a bunch of friends from high school and it was my senior year when he would come up for parties, tailgates and football games. We met at one of those parties! Once I graduated, we all started going out and the rest is history! We have been together since 2012, so it's been 7 years!"

How did he propose?

"At our apartment, just the 2 of us!"

How was the planning process for your wedding day?

"I think overall it was pretty smooth. Traveling from Fort Lauderdale, I had to make sure that I had all my ducks in a row. I also crafted a lot of things and had mental pictures of how they all would go. Overall, it was all great and everything was where it needed to be and how I pictured it!"

What are your thoughts about my wedding day?

"Well I am sure I am not the first to say that it flies by! I wish I could go back and relive it! I will say I don’t really shine under the spot light (I actually really don’t love that, and you can see it in some pics where the bouquet is in my face trying to hide it) but Ryan loves it! I think if I could, I would do the dancing and drinking part all over again! The walking down the aisle still makes me feel really anxious! Also, I would definitely go back for another plate of food! Haha"

"People ask me all the time how it feels to be married and honestly it feels the same as before! Ryan and I have lived together for a few years so really we just signed some papers and got another ring! But it does feel nice to finally say husband and know that we are together in the long run!"

And they lived Happily Ever After -- Thank you A.P. + Ryan, we send all of our love & best wishes to you both!


Coordination - Soirees Southern Events - Andrea Barber

Florals + Decor - Soirees Southern Events

Photography - Mary Claire Photo

Catering - Smoke House BBQ

Cake - Sugartopia

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