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{ Anomalie: Custom Wedding Dresses }

Looking to create a custom-made wedding dress for your big day? Anomalie is a company that works with you to create a custom gown that is absolutely unique and tailored to your inspirations and style. To top everything off, Anomalie creates these gorgeous gowns at a fraction of what boutiques and designers charge! Most of the dresses they create fall between $1,000-$2,000, and varies depending on amount/type of material, handwork, and accessories. Their expert design team works with you to make your dream dress a reality! One of our brides recently used them to create her dress and we couldn't have been more in love with all of the intricate, delicate detailing that was put into it!

Everything starts with a quick and easy style quiz and a 15 minute initial consultation over the phone to discuss the dress creation process and how it will work with your timeline. Anomalie works diligently to create a one-of-a-kind dress for you, requiring the order to be placed at least 8 months before your wedding date! You then create a lookbook on the website that allows you to pick and choose from tons of dress inspiration photos offered on the site. After that comes a design consultation that goes into depth of the vision and inspiration that you have for your dress with your personal stylist.

Your designer will then take your vision for the dress and send you custom sketches, fabric samples, and lace and beading options for you to choose from! You'll discuss the finishing touches of the design and then finalize it to the workroom where your dress can be made in as little as 4 months! Now all that is left is for your gorgeous gown to be delivered to your door and for you to fall in love with it!


Check out Anomalie's Website to see more stunning dresses they've created!

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