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Ansley + Philip Curbow

The Walters Barn | 10.26.19

#KickingRoyalToTheCurbow -- Today we are featuring Ansley + Philip Curbow! We had the pleasure of working with them this past October, and man, what a B E A U T I F U L day it was! Ansley + Philip were such an incredibly sweet couple to work with, and we are overjoyed to be sharing this Big Day with you all on the blog! Continue reading to see their story & more stunning photos!

- The Proposal Story -

"I’m terrible with surprises. I hate surprises if I know something is going to happen. Philip and I had talked about getting engaged so I knew it would happen sooner rather than later. I figured I’d be able to tell when he was planning to propose. We were at my parents lake house to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. The majority of my family was coming. Before we all headed out to dinner, Philip wanted to go down to the dock and take a picture. I didn’t think anything of it because we always talked about how we never had hardly any pictures of us when we were all dressed up. So we walked down to the dock with my sister to take the picture. We posed and she acted like she took the picture. But after what I thought was the “picture” taken, Philip was down on one knee. I remember looking at him and then looking at my sister and then looking up at the house. My entire family was on the back porch and saw the whole thing. I was 100% surprised. We were together for 3 years when he proposed! Now we’ve been together four years!"

"The planning process of the wedding was easier than I thought it would be. Thankfully having Soirées made the whole process less intimidating. Sure, there were still stressful points during the process but, it wasn’t near as bad as I anticipated. Andrea made the planning fun and helped with so much. I didn’t know how hard planning a wedding is! So thankful she was there to help me plan for details we would have never thought of!"

"Our wedding day was amazing. I’m a type A person, so I thought I’d be way more stressed the day of, but I wasn’t. Andrea and her team just made it all happen. It went so smoothly.

It was supposed to rain at the exact time of our ceremony. But it never did! Everything went exactly as wanted and planned. It was even more beautiful than we could have imagined."

What is your favorite thing about being married?

"Being married is great! It’s funny because I feel like even though we weren’t legally married, we’ve always had such a commitment and team mentality. So just making it official feels so nice. We are so happy to be married and begin a whole new adventure ❤️"


Coordination | Soirees Southern Events · Andrea Barber

Florals + Decor | Soirees Southern Events

Videography | Grant Media

Catering | Luna's

Cake | Sugartopia

Bar | B.O.B.

Hair + Makeup | Make Me Up

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