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{ Bars- Everything BUT the Alcohol }

When someone says "Open Bar" when it comes to a wedding reception people usually get pretty excited. Traditionally at a wedding the word bar is associated with alcohol. In reality some of the best wedding bars are those that have nothing to do with alcohol! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite "bar" ideas for weddings and hope that you think about incorporating one of them into your big day!!

Did someone say candy?? YES! This is one of our favorite wedding bar ideas. It's a cute and creative way to incorporate all of your favorite sweet treats into a unique wedding feature. Having a candy bar is often used as a couples wedding favor as well! Every age has a sweet tooth and a candy favor is something most people can't resist. Often there are many leftover wedding favors from your big day but I can assure you this wont be one of them! Even if you did have some leftover, I don't think there would be any complaints.

You know what goes perfectly with something sweet? Something salty!! A popcorn bar is a perfect option for those who prefer something salty over something sweet! One idea on how to create the perfect popcorn bar is to purchase or make popcorn that has little to no added flavor. This allows you to add shaker bottles with different flavor options such as buttery goodness, sea salt, or even white cheddar that your guests can add to spice up the flavor. Another idea is adding a sweet element such as M&M's as a topping.

Photos (From top left to bottom right): Pintrest, Etsy, Kernel Seasoning, River West Photography, and Etsy

Want something a little more manageable than a wedding cake? Swapping the traditional wedding cake for cupcakes is like providing each guest with their own personal wedding cake. You can turn this cupcake idea into a bar! Adding different toppings that people can put on their cupcakes creates a personal spin on each cupcake.

Photos: Cezanne Photography, Bella Noche Photography and Pintrest

Remember biting into the gooey chocolatey goodness of a smores as a child? Why not incorporate that memory into your wedding day! Smores bars have made their debut at many wedding receptions. It's a fun way to bring back a little tradition without having to deal with too much clean up. Who doesn't love smores?

Photos (from top left to bottom): Happy Everything Co, Hillary Leah Photography, and Tulle and Chantilly

Want a bar that has nothing to do with food? How about a cigar bar? This is a unique and creative way to incorporate a non-alcoholic bar into your big day. It also add a little more of you and your grooms personality into your big day!

Who doesn't love coffee and donuts? Theses bars are another cute way to add a personal touch to your big day. Wedding days can get long so to keep the party in full swing coffee is a must! Donuts are a great alternative to a grooms cake and getting them from a local spot in town is a great added touch to your special day!

There are so many cute and creative ways to incorporate a non-traditional bar into your big day. I hope our list of suggestions helps inspire some ideas of your own. Whatever you decide on make it unique to you! Happy Planning!

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