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Best Dressed Bridesmaid Trends

Although we have pretty much ditched the old school bridesmaid dresses, (you know the one in your mom's old photo album that's hot pink, has big puffy sleeves, and about 20 layers of tool under the fabric? yeah that one!), we have however seen other trends appear in the bridesmaid dress category. To give you a little more insight into what is trending today, we have hand picked a list of our favorites! Check them out below!!

Mix and Match

One of our favorite trends, that seems to be rising in popularity, is mix matched bridesmaid dresses. To those of you who think of mix matched bridesmaid dresses and start to panic, I promise you it's not scary! There are so many ways to do this! Some brides give their bridesmaids a color swatch and allow them to choose the style of the dress for themselves. Other brides prefer to only have their maid of honor in a different style or color of dress. Some brides even prefer having each bridesmaid wear their own unique color for the wedding day!

One Shoulder

The asymmetrical one shoulder look is trending! Strapless is beautiful, however no one likes

having to constantly adjust or pull up their dress if it doesn't fit right! Don't forget about having to hold your girls in while you dance... yeah that's no fun. The one shoulder look gives the perfect solution to these problem! It allows you to show a little more skin while still maintaining that extra support. So dance away my friend! Those girls aren't going anywhere!


Although the halter top trend seemed to die down for awhile, it has recently increased in popularity again! Choosing the halter look has always been a great way to go sleeveless while maintaining modesty. It's the perfect look for any any summer or spring wedding! Want to use the halter look for your fall or winter wedding but worried your bridesmaids will get cold? Add a shaw for a little more warmth! It's also a great bridesmaids gift!

Pink- The Calm Side

Pink has always been a trendy color for bridesmaid dresses. In the past we've seen all the bold pinks; everything from hot pink, to bright bubble gum, and fun Magenta. Now the calmer side of pink is trending. We are seeing more blush, baby pink, and softer tones appear in color schemes.

Flutter Sleeves

We love the flutter sleeve trend!! It's such a beautiful way to add a traditional twist to a modern day dress! The flutter sleeve gives both a romantic and ethereal vibe. Searching for a way to mix and match bridesmaid dresses and still keep an ethereal vibe? No problem! There are so many different styles of dresses with flutter sleeves the options are endless!

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