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{ Creating Your Wedding Invitations }

One of the most fun and creative aspects of planning your wedding is picking and creating your wedding invitations! Not only are they for informing your guests of important wedding details, but their overall look and appearance is the first impression of your wedding that you send out to your guests! Not to mention they will be a keepsake of your big day and your photographer will most likely recommend you bring them for detail shots on the day of--like most of the pictures in this post! Continue reading for some tips and inspiration on how to create a wedding invitation that is perfect for you!

Elegant & Simplistic

Photography (from left to right)- 1st row: Wedflix, Lele & Beane Photography 2nd row: Barbara Covington Photography, Amber Veldman Photography 3rd row: Viktoriya Krudu Photography, Macy O'Connell Photography

Simplistic yet eye-catching! Too many different font sizes, detailing, and cramped information can create an overloaded and unbalanced appearance in your invites. Too much of a good thing isn't always better in this case! Having crisp lettering and adding intricate details compliments the overall appearance while keeping your information clear and concise.

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Invitations & Save the Dates! Save the dates are usually sent out when a couple has booked their venue and selected a definite date for their wedding. These are best to be sent between 4-8 months or 8-12 months if it's a destination wedding. The invitations and RSVP's are usually sent out about 60 days before the wedding date; however, if it's a destination wedding, it may be best to send them 90 days before to ensure your guests have ample time to organize travel plans. They will include the ceremony time, but not arrival time. There is typically a lot of confusion surrounding that, so expect guests to arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony time stated on invitation. Other important things to include on invitations are the location of the wedding, special addresses, and the schedule of days events.

Florals & Nature

Brides who already have an idea of what kind of florals they will have at the wedding can incorporate them into their invitation design. This can add a personal touch to the invites that will also coordinate beautifully with the photography. These are sure to be attention-grabbers, plus they make a beautiful keepsake!

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RSVP! These are sent out with the wedding invitations and are important for giving you an idea of how many people are coming and how much food, alcohol, tables, and setup you'll need to accommodate your guests! They are also a great way to let guests specify any dietary restrictions/requests (i.e. food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, Gluten Free, etc.). RSVP cards usually state the guest's name and whether there is the option of a plus one, which usually indicates that only one guest may accompany you. RSVP's are usually needed at least a month before the wedding, but be sure to check with your coordinator or caterer's timeline to make sure it works for them as well. You will want to make sure the "respond by" date is clearly written and that you include an option where your guests can accept or decline your invitation. Putting something along the lines of "Happily Accepts" or "Regretfully Declines" is a short and polite way for your guests to respond!


For a more creative approach, having your invitations and announcements custom-made will give them a fun look that is completely unique to your wedding! From watercolor to graphic designs, you can talk to different kinds of artists to create a look that compliments the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding. The options for these are limitless! For instance, if it's a destination wedding, incorporating the landscape elements could be a creative way in making your invites stand out. Whether you do them yourself or have someone else create them, your guests are sure to love them!

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Destination Weddings! Having a destination wedding or out-of-town guests? A great idea is to include a separate list of accommodations or recommendations of places to stay and things to do and see (i.e. restaurants, shopping, attractions, wineries & breweries). This will keep your guests included and involved in the festivities during their stay!

Another fun addition would be including a wedding weekend schedule of events! It may include time and information regarding the rehearsal dinner or other events leading up to the wedding day!

Bold & Vivid

Bold lettering and vivid, contrasting colors are a great way to make your invitations stand out! Have fun with different kinds of calligraphy and elements that you feel best represents your relationship and aesthetic! Adding a picture of you and your partner is another great personal touch that can showcase the fun, cute, or playful side of your relationship to your guests.

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Expect the unexpected! We always recommend that you provide a little cushion in your headcount for those who either wait until the last minute to RSVP or guests who simply show up unexpectedly the day of. Also, make sure to include your vendors who will be eating as well like your photographers, videographers, bands, and DJ's.

Happy Planning!

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