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{ Edible Fall Favor Ideas for Soirees Southern Events + Free Stickers }

As your wedding day draws to a close, it’s customary to send your guests home with a small gift as a token of your appreciation. Over the years, traditional wedding favors such as matches and koozies have earned a reputation for being overused (and left behind). Try sending guests home with a gift they can gobble up instead by embracing the edible wedding favor trend.

Fall wedding season is full of warm spices and rich ingredients, so try incorporating these seasonal flavors into your edible favors for a gift that is on-theme and unique. Below you’ll find some of our favorite fall favor ideas. We’ve also designed adorable stickers you can print at home for some of these ideas. You can check out these stickers and see Zola’s complete list of 45 edible wedding favors here.

Olive ya olive oil: Infuse your wedding favors with love by serving take-home olive oil jars. You can even localize this gift by purchasing the olive oil from a nearby farm. Don’t forget: extra virgin olive oil will get you the best quality.

Burning love hot sauce: Are you marrying a hunk of burning love? Celebrate with a spicy favor that is sure to warm up even the chilliest fall night.

Sip sip hooray wine bottles: If you love the finer things in life, treat your guests to some mini bottles of your favorite bubbly. You can even print stickers to customize your wine bottles with our sticker printables. Wine not?

Hole lotta love donut holes: If you’re a fan of glaze and dough, or Led Zeppelin, you’ll love these donut desserts. Your guests can eat these as a late-night snack or as breakfast fuel the next morning.

Meant to bee honey: If your love is sweet, send guests home with honey jars. Visit a local farm to get fresh honey from your wedding venues zipcode.

Apple-y ever after apple cider: This take-home cider kit is kid-approved. Send your guests home with a favor full of warm spices. This easy DIY lets your guests mix up their own cider - all you need to provide is cinnamon sticks, apple cider packets, mixing instructions, and a cute appl-y ever after sticker.

Check out the visual below for some more fall edible wedding favor inspiration! 


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