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{ Hair Trends for 2019 }

So much hair-inspo, so little time! With so many wedding hairstyle ideas flooding the internet, how do you know which one will be perfect for you? We've compiled some of the most breathtaking trends for the 2019 season along with some tips and insight on which style is right for you!


Floral Accents

A floral and greenery accent gives an instant lift and natural element to any hairstyle. It creates such an elegant, whimsy touch to the overall look, and we can't get enough of it! This year-round trend is definitely one of our favorites. 


Lovely, Loose Waves

Photographer [from left to right]: (1st Row) Lele & Beane Photography, Wedflix (2nd Row) Happy Everything Co., Jessica Pendley Photography

This trend keeps coming back each season for good reason! Loose waves lends wonderful texture and body to any length of hair. More and more we see brides drifting further away from tight, stiff curls and more towards this effortless, tousled look.


Flower Crowns

Photographer [from left to right]: (1st Row) Bethany O'Bryant PhotographyBen Brinker Photography (2nd Row) Laura Harmon Photography

A flower crown is the perfect headpiece whether you're wanting a dramatic statement piece or a more subtle, modest accent to your look. A fun way to incorporate this into your wedding is to get your bridal party wearing them too! Not only do they compliment virtually everyone, the kids will love wearing them as well! 


Soft, Flirty Updos

Photographer [from left to right]: (1st row) Wedflix, Heirloom Foto, Wedflix (3rd row) Laura Hamon Photography, Jessica Pendley Photography, Wedflix

Perfectly imperfect updos is a trend that is sweeping the 2019 season and it is leaving no trace of hairspray behind! Well, maybe a little, but these low maintenance hairstyles are the perfect option for a bride who wants a more hassle-free, natural look. Incorporating some loose braids also adds a flirty, feminine touch that will leave you worrying less about hair and spending more time enjoying your big day!


Elegant Headpieces 

Barretts, hair combs, and headbands are just a few of the many elegant, gorgeous headpieces and accessories you can add to any hairstyle. From sparkling rhinestone embellishments to more whimsical, neutral touches, you will be able to find the perfect accent for your overall look. These are the "icing on the cake" to whichever hairstyle you choose, so don't be afraid to be creative with them!


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