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{Living Coral- The Color of the Year}

Searching for the perfect color scheme for your 2019 wedding? Looking for something warm and vibrant? The color of the year, Living Coral, is a perfect place to start. We've come up with a few different ideas and color pairings to make your perfect day unforgettable.

Photo: Red Fly Photography

1. Flowers

Want something loud and happy to express your personality? Pair some coral roses with a few orange and yellow flowers to add a pop of color to any wedding bouquet. Aren't a fan of orange or yellow? Try pairing coral peonies with purple flowers and adding more greenery. Perfect for any April wedding!

Want something a little more low key? Pairing a few coral roses with some peach roses and adding greenery creates a simple yet elegant bouquet. There are so many ways to incorporate the color of the year into your flower arrangements, so get creative and make it your own!

Photo: Pintrest

2. Bridesmaid's Dresses

Want to incorporate the color of the year into your color scheme but want a more subtle look for fall? Salmon is a beautiful way to put a fall spin on coral. This pop of color is a perfect choice for any bridesmaid's dresses. Pairing them with delicate, light flowers will bring an elegance to any color scheme.

Photo: Camille Wilson Photography

Like the idea of mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses? Add a few blush colored bridesmaid dresses to complement the living coral. This is a perfect way to give bridesmaids an option on which color they prefer and adds a little diversity to your color scheme.

Photo: Pintrest

3. Decor

Want to create a unique look at your reception? This silky coral table cloth is a perfect substitute for the traditional white. It's sure to impress any guest that walks through the door. If you like the idea of coral table cloths but aren't quiet adventurous enough to add this pop of color to every table, try them on your cocktail tables to bring just enough living coral to your big day!

Photo: Happy Everything photography

Want to spice up your wedding cake? Incorporate some of the flowers you chose for your big day and add them to your cake decor. This is a perfect way to tie in your color scheme and create a more cohesive theme.

Photo: Pintrest

There are so many ways to integrate living coral into your perfect day! Find your style and make it your own. The options are endless. Happy planning!

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