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3 Styling Tips for Bouquets

Florals and decor are such a pivotal part of your Big Day and can elevate your event in the best way! Last week Soirees Southern Events made a post about the different styles of bouquets, and this week they will be continuing the trend by discussing a few other bouquet design elements. Who knew there were so many?

- Brides vs Bridesmaids -- Should They be the Same? -

First up is the question of whether your bouquet should stand out among your bridesmaids or should all of the bouquets be cohesive? Obviously being the Bride, you already stand out from everyone else in your beautiful gown, so it’s not always necessary to go to the extreme to make your bouquet different then your girl gang’s bouquets! For aesthetic purposes, it’s better for your bouquets to be similar in style (whether that be round, boho, etc.) however, there are a few touches that you can incorporate to make your bouquet stand out in the best way! 

One way to do this is by making your bouquet slightly bigger than your bridesmaids', that way, there is no mistaking which one is yours! This is a very common element for designers to utilize and usually make this suggestion when conducting your floral meeting. If not, be sure to mention it!

- Adding Unique Elements -

Another way to set your bouquet apart from your girls' is by adding in a few additional florals that may not be included in theirs! You can either add in more of something, like some of your more expensive flowers (peonies, dahlias, anemones, etc.) keeping the cost a little lower, but giving you that oh so chic expensive floral look! Try adding in one of those flowers in your girls' bouquets to keep them cohesive, but add 3-4 in yours to really make it stand out! Another great element to add, if you have a more boho style, are non-floral elements! Try adding a few feathers, a few huge, beautiful succulents, or our personal favorite lately, pompous grass! These elements will elevate your bouquet and bring a little extra pop! 

- Styling with Ribbon -

Another great design element question is which ribbon to use to adorn your bouquets! This is a fun way to add a little more of your personality and a little pop of color to your bouquets! There are several different styles to go with and a million different kinds of ribbon to use. One of the biggest questions you need to answer is whether you want your bouquets hand-tied or if you want streamers… Don't worry, we’ll explain! 

- Hand-Tied Ribbon -

Hand-tied bouquets are classic and the most common form of wrapping your bouquet. Hand-tied simply means the the stems of your bouquet are wrapped in ribbon and pinned to give it a cleaner look while hiding the stems of your bouquet. You can use any color, pattern, and style of ribbon for this. You can even get more specific by picking out the type of pins that will hold the ribbon to your bouquet! 

For our classic brides who want to have a more fresh picked look, consider only wrapping the top of your bouquet, where it is taped together, so that more of your stems show! 

Hand-tied bouquets are also a great way to incorporate your something old, borrowed, or blue! Try tying a piece of your mom’s dress around the base or your grandma's handkerchief to add that personalized touch! 

- Ribbon Streamers -

One of the more trendy styles in bouquets is adding ribbon streamers to them! Ribbon streamers can be a beautiful, subtle touch of design and color. They can really elevate your bouquets and give you a more boho, modern feel! You can do any style or color of ribbon, plus you can even make yours slightly different by doing streamers only on your bouquet!

Styling bouquets are such a fun way to bring your personality into your wedding! When planning for your floral meeting, remember to embrace your style, whatever that may be, and keep your elements cohesive throughout your event! Flowers are one of God’s greatest gifts, so no matter your style, it will be beautiful! Stay tuned next week for some more style tips! We will be showing a little love to our grooms! They get flowers too ya know?! So check in with us about how to incorporate some ›“manly” flowers into your groom's bout! 

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