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{ Picking the Perfect Send-Off Style }

Trying to get creative with a dramatic exit? We've got send-off ideas that will not only make for stunning pictures, but will be fun for both you and your guests! When picking the perfect send-off style, choose one that you feel best encapsulates the style and aesthetic of your wedding and relationship. It's all about the closing moments of your Big Day, so don't be afraid to get fun and creative! Keep reading to see what ideas you can use to make your going away moment perfect for your wedding!


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Bubbles not only make for a colorful and beautiful send-off, but they are fun for your guests as well. A great way of incorporating bubbles into your exit is to give out small bubble wands to each guest and let them participate in the action---the kids will especially love it! To make the bubbles even more dramatic, add bubble machines to the mix to intensify the effect!


Photography (from left to right): (1st row) Wedflix, Simply Morgan Photography (2nd row): Mike Moon Studio, Laura Hamon Photography (3rd row) Demetrius Washington Photography, Christina Bingham Photography (4th row) Cait Carr Photography (5th row) Andrea Marie Photography, Aly Badinger Photography

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Sparklers are a classic go-to for send-offs and create stunning, glowing pictures that give off the perfect celebratory mood for your Big Day! One thing to be make sure of, check with your coordinator that the venue you choose allows you to do sparklers since they can potentially violate the venue's fire codes. Some of our venues, such as Willow Creek Farm and the Chair Factory, allow the use of sparklers, so make sure to plan accordingly!


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Confetti makes for a great choice because of the many options and colors to choose from! This is a twist on the more traditional send-off of throwing rice. A great tip is to make sure that you coordinate the color of the confetti with your wedding palette to make sure all of the colors compliment each other! All of our venues require the confetti to not only be biodegradable, but water soluble as well. A great eco-friendly confetti that we recommend is Ecofetti, but any water soluble confetti will work as well!


Photography (from left to right): (1st row) Wedflix, Lyndsey Pethel Photography (2nd row) Happy Everything Co.

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Balloons don't just make for a great day-time send-off, but with LED balloons, you can carry the celebration out even later! For a more environmentally friendly approach, make sure the balloons are biodegradable and add a weight to the balloons so they can't fly off and end up somewhere else to wreak havoc. Just keep in mind, there may be a fee included with a balloon send off depending on your venue.

Petals, Dried Flowers, & Leaves

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Petals, dried flowers, and leaves can give your send-off a beautiful and natural touch that will also make for great photo-ops! Keeping in mind which season your wedding will be, a fun idea would be to incorporate dried flowers or petals in the warmer months and vibrant leaves in the colder ones! And the great thing about leaves--- they're free! Just consult with your coordinator to see which would be the best fit at your venue!

Glow Sticks

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Get your glow on! Glow sticks are not only fun to party with during the reception, but they are also a great for guests to send you off with! This gives your send-off a vibrant and colorful vibe that your guests are sure to have fun with!

Grand Exit

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Another thing to consider is your grand exit! Time to call up those car enthusiast relatives and friends! These make for stunning and unique pictures all while giving you a hot rod to hop into and take you to your honeymoon suite. Need help finding a ride? Companies like Appalachian Transportation, offer premium shuttle services from passenger buses to a vintage Rolls Royce!

A way to add some flair to your getaway car is to add some cute wedding decorations like signs, ribbons, flowers, wreaths, balloons, and even tin cans---the tried and true classic!

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