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Renay + Nathan Berger

The Walters Barn | 9.7.19

Today we have the honor of featuring Renay + Nathan on the Blog today! We know you'll love their story as much as we do -- same goes for these bright & colorful florals by Soirees Southern Events! Continue reading to see what Renay said about their Big Day!

"We met at the Athens Area Humane Society, where I was an employee at the time, and Nathan was a dedicated volunteer. He volunteered for almost a year before asking if I was interested in going on a date with him. He was the type of volunteer that came in and did all the dirty work -- not the type that just came in to play with the animals, which is quite rare. He actually asked me out at an event fundraiser for the Humane Society while I was in a dog mascot costume, I'm sure not many people can say that! We began dating in early 2016 and where married 09.07.2019. We have almost been together 4 years."

- The Proposal Story -

"Nathan purposed during Memorial Day Weekend 2018. It was a complete surprise to me. I literally had no idea it was coming or that a ring had been in his possession for some time at that point. Right under my nose. This was amazing because Nathan CANNOT keep secrets from me, especially about things that he is excited about. He cooked a beautiful meal with candles and flowers included and while I was still taking in the beautiful set-up, he snuck up behind me and got down on one knee. When I turned around to thank him for the surprise dinner, there he was.. It was just the two of us. No onlookers, no hidden photographer, and it was perfect."

How was the planning process for your wedding day?

"With the help of our wonderful coordinator Allison, the planning was much simpler than we have heard it has been for other couples. There were so many pieces that were taken care of for us and so many checklists created to include things that we would have never thought of on our own. Obviously there was stress here and there, because there are so many details and so many pieces involved in planning a wedding. I think I might have been the luckiest bride though, because Nathan was incredibly involved. I'm a very indecisive person and Nathan was my perfect teammate. He loves talking to people, where I do not, so I think he probably spoke with all of our coordinators and vendors more frequently than I did. He could make sure I was getting everything I wanted but didn't necessarily have the confidence to ask for on my own."

"It was the most perfect day. I hope everyone can say that about their wedding day. It goes by so quickly, and for that reason we wish we could do it over and over again. The weather, venue, and florals were absolutely beautiful. We were surrounded by the people that mean the most to us. Our coordinating team made us feel like we were the most important people on the planet and were there for our every need."

What is your favorite thing about being married?

"Even before we were married we were a team, but there is something so comforting and beautiful in knowing that we are each others person forever in every way possible."


Coordination | Soirees Southern Events · Allison Dolph

Florals & Decor | Soirees Southern Events

Catering | Luna’s 

Hair & Makeup | Bombshell Creations 

Bar | Tap It 

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