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{ Special Gifts for Special People }

Photography (from left to right)- 1st row: Laura Hamon Photography 2nd-4th row: Wedflix 5th row: Warrick Photo, Mary Claire Photography

Bride & Groom Exchange

Many brides and grooms like to exchange gifts before the ceremony as a way to express their love and excitement for what's ahead! Some great gift ideas for grooms are engraved watches, wallets, cufflinks, and even some new cologne. Some gifts grooms can give to their brides are jewelry such as pearl & diamond earrings or a necklace for them to wear the day of as well as anything monogrammed with "wife," "wifey," or "Mrs. ______". And if you're creative, creating a piece of art that symbolizes your love is a great idea, plus you can place it in your home afterward! We've also seen cute love letters that are exchanged or even their vows! These are precious moments that you can gift each other leading up to the ceremony and makes for a wonderful memory of your day together.

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To the Parents

When it comes to parents, giving them a gift is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation and love for them while giving them a keepsake that they will always treasure! One gift that we've seen and love are embroidered handkerchiefs. Writing them a personalized message on the handkerchief and having it embroidered is a cute way for them to always remember your Big Day! Another great gift idea is to give them something custom made. One of our brides gave her father custom cufflinks of an old photograph of them and we couldn't be more in love with them! Stitching something sweet or a thank you to the back of a father's tie is another special way to show your appreciation!

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To the Girls

Bonding with your bridesmaids before the wedding is already a great way to start the day, but giving them a gift to show them how thankful you are is a great way to always remember those moments together! A cute gift you can give all of your bridesmaids are matching outfits to wear while you're getting ready, plus they're great for pictures! Whether they are matching robes, shirts, or even pajamas, they are sure to love this cute surprise! Some other great gift ideas to give are wine glasses or tumblers, monogrammed makeup bags, and even pieces of jewelry for them to wear during the ceremony!

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Photography (from left to right)- 1st row: Eastcreek Photography, Cezanne Photography 2nd row: Camille Wilson Photography, Alexandra Leigh Photography

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To the Guys

Shopping for guys is difficult enough, but we've got some groomsmen gift ideas that will leave them strutting around their swag for everyone to see! A fun idea that we love seeing are socks! No, not smelly, boring socks, but fun and crazy socks to match each of their personalities! These are not only a great idea for pictures, but they're super fun for the guys to show off throughout the whole day! Some other ideas that we love are flasks, pocket knives, tie pins, money clips, and even little bottles of their favorite liquor or booze.

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Photography: Warrick Photo

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To Everyone

Some couples choose to give personalized gifts on a wider scale! We had a bride who hand-wrote each and every one of her guests a card thanking them for being a part of their special day and even inside jokes or memories they've shared with them. This is a great, personable gift idea that doesn't require a big budget, but still gives that person something to hold and treasure. Although it requires more time, the thought and effort definitely counts with this idea!

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