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Syndesi Desserts | Vendor Spotlight

Syndesi Desserts is a custom-order and Pop-Up licensed home bakery. They offer handcrafted premium sweets for any occasion, from intimate gatherings to grand-scale events. Syndaesi's modern and chic designs draw inspiration from the arts, fashion, and nature.

Everything is artfully crafted exclusively from scratch, as close to the event as possible, to ensure clients experience the freshest tasting confection possible. Recipes are extensively developed and tested to achieve premium taste, texture, and visual aesthetics.

​Vy Howard is the heart and hands behind Syndesi Desserts. Vy is a self-taught baker and dessert designer. She's passionate about people and parties! Vy tests and develops all her Syndesi recipes to ensure taste, texture, and aethetics match the highest standards for her clients.

She's married to her high school sweetheart, Kyle, and has three rambunctious kiddos, whom she homeschools and a newborn. She has a meticulous eye for design and details. Her mission is to connect with her clients to add a little joy and sweetness to our world.

Available Cake Flavors

Signature Vanilla

Fudgy Chocolate


Classic Red Velvet



Key Lime Cake

Espresso Cake

Earl Grey

German Chocolate


Ube (Purple Yam)

Cardamon-Rose Chai Cake (Chai blend fromThe Chai Box)

Available Buttercream Flavors

Signature Vanilla Buttercream​

Dark Chocolate Buttercream

Lemon Buttercream

Matcha Buttercream

Cookies & Cream Buttercream

All-Natural Strawberry Buttercream

All-Natural Raspberry Buttercream

Browned Butter Buttercream

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