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{ Top Wedding Registry Websites }

Deciding where you want to register can be an exciting yet daunting task. The options are endless and it can be overwhelming when you are trying to select stores and websites to register with. Determining what items to register for can be even more mind-boggling. To make this task more exciting and stress-free, we have compiled a list of must haves for any wedding registry and included some of the top websites and stores to find them at!

First things first! Decide on how many places you want to register with. Registering at only one location may limit the type of items that you can register for. Registering at more than 7 places gets overwhelming and impossible to manage. We recommend registering at no less than two different locations but no more than 5. This number of different registries allows your guests to have multiple options on not only the item they choose but also different price ranges.

Photos: Amazon, Pottery Barn, and Zola

Unlike traditional wedding registries, registering online has become the most popular and most convenient way to generate your list. Amazon has become an increasingly popular website to register with because of the wide variety of products they offer. Amazon offers a 180 day return policy if you don't love one of your gifts and the potential for bonus gifts. Another perk of registering with amazon is the ability to see what the most popular registry items are. They also offer a one-time 20% off discount for prime members and a 10% discount for all other members to purchase the remaining items on their registry.

Photo: Amazon

As you can see, According to amazon the Instant Pot is one of the most popular gift items registered for in 2019. It's perfect for couples who are busy and want to enjoy more time together rather than spend their time preparing meals.

Photo: Amazon

Want to make creating a registry really easy? Use sites such as Zola which allow you to register at many different stores but add them all to one registry! Zola allows you to register things such as traditional kitchen essentials and gift cards but they go beyond traditional registries and have added an option to create a honeymoon fund. The site notifies you every time someone purchases something from your list and your guests also have the option to ship the gift directly to you! If you would rather have a different gift than the item your guest has selected Zola gives you the option to switch it without notifying your guests.

Photos: Zola

All in one registries are becoming the hot new thing. Another company that is known for their all in one experience is They, like other companies such as Zola, allow you to add items from 1000s of different stores. They also offer an on the go which allows you to scan the barcode of an item in a store and simply register for it using their app. They also offer nifty inspiration boards to help guide you in finding the perfect items to add to your registry.

One of the hot items on their registry essentials list for 2019 is the iRobot Roomba. It's a perfect and convenient way to tidy up! I mean who wouldn't want help with vacuuming?!

Photo: MyRegistry

Another company known for their convenient and abundant wedding registry is Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The company has a large number of stores throughout the U.S which makes it convenient for you and your guests to select registry items. One of the unique features of Bed, Bath, & Beyond's wedding registry is the fact that they offer price matching for any of the items your guests find cheaper at another retailer. In store experts are also available to help guests locate various items. Don't forget about the free in-store wrapping!

Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a great place to get traditional registry essentials such as a nice set of cutlery, kitchen gadgets, towels, bedding.

Another great place to register at is Crate & Barrel. They offer a Sunday morning wedding party event that you can attend, along with other registered couples, and have the store completely to yourself. The Crate & Barrel website offers a virtual cart feature that helps you organize the items you registered for and coordinate patterns. They also offer a group gifting option for big-ticket items. This can make larger more luxury items easier to be gifted and more affordable. In addition to being able to purchase remaining registry items for an additional 10% off, you are given special discounts with their partners such as The Paper Source, and Couples Resorts Jamaica.

Crate & Barrel is a great place to buy your dinner wear. They have a variety of different selections and they are ranked by previous wedding registrants favorite picks.

Some other great places to register include Macy's, JCPenny's, Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, and Bloomingdale's. Find the registries that fit your needs and enjoy the process. Happy Scanning!

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