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{Vendor Feature: Bella Noche Photography}

HI, I am Jessie Gordon, Photographer/Owner of Bella Noche Photography.

My passion for photography really began with my mother. My mother was a hobbyist Photographer. She would document all the great big moments in our lives but also the small day to day stuff, she even photographed a few weddings for friends. She passed away when I was 4 years old and her pictures were in some ways the only memories I could carry with me. Photography became something more to me than just a photograph.

Photos by Bella Noche Photography

I starting practicing photography on my son when he was born in 2006. In 2008 I began a year long internship with Rudeseal Photography out of Habersham County, they were known for Photographing high school Seniors. In fall of 2009 I started my photography program at North Georgia Technical College and finished with a associates degree in commercial photography in 2011. This is where I met Brittany. Brittany and I are a team. She is my best friend, my encourager, and my 2nd Photographer. She is extremely talented in her own right. Shorty after Brittany and I met, Bella Noche Photography opened for business. Our personalities work together and allow us to truly capture those authentic moments. 

Brittany Garner 2nd Photographer

While in school I learned a lot about photography and a lot about myself. I really enjoy photographing people. Commercial products and details are fun to photograph and they can add to a story, but the real story is in the people for me. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love to read when I have spare time. Nicholas Sparks in my favorite writer so I would think you could guess what it is that I love about photographing weddings. Wedding Photography for me is simply telling a love story about a two people that decided to choose a future together. The wedding day is about bringing all there loved ones together, friends, and family to come and celebrate them and there passion, commitment and future with one another. My ideal couple to photograph is not the couple that will spend the most and have the prettiest wedding decor, it’s those who I meet and right from the start I can feel there passion. They have excitement, not about a wedding but about a future together. You can feel their souls are tethered together. It’s love that inspires me. I can not create it, it has to exist already. 

Photos By Bella Noche Photography

This brings me to my favorite part of my job, It is getting to witness two people commit to one another. It is one of life’s most precious memories. For me it is getting to play a small part in a day that changes the course of two lives. The memories from a wedding day should always be held to a higher standard. It’s not about a wedding, it’s about the beginning of a marriage. 

“Where there is love there is life” 

Mahatma Gandhi

Photos By Bella Noche Photography

Contact Bella Noche Photography

Jessie Gordon 706.658.4550

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