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{ Vendor Spotlight: 2 Dog }

This week, we had the pleasure to speak with one of our favorite, approved caterers, 2 Dog! Picking a caterer that best exemplifies your taste and personality is one of the most important, exciting decisions a couple makes during their planning! The owner and founder of 2 Dog, Tina Roberts, gave us a wonderful backstory of her and her husband's restaurant, catering, and their passion for making each wedding unique and special through their food. Continue reading to see what Tina says about their catering and restaurant!

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We have been catering for 20 years. We started out like most small businesses, just muddling through trying out different ways to make things work. Over the years, Tim (my husband and cook) and I have worked together to make menus that travel and present well in whatever dream place the Bride has chosen to be her wedding day destination. I always focus on Tim’s creations. The food is priority for me. We have fed hundreds of people our dishes in the middle of a field on antique silver. Some of those days have been drenched in rain and some have been sweltering, but my goal has been to serve the delicious food from our kitchen to our guests wherever they are.

Brides choose certain locations for many different reasons and my job is to make the food appear as if by magic. A bride’s day should be fun and full of love. She should not have to stress over the service and flavor of her food. We strive to make all of her guests feel as special as they are to her. They are there to celebrate someone they love and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.

I have always loved puzzles and catering has proven over and over to be one long puzzle. Give me a problem and I will solve it. Each bride, groom, location, etc. has its own personality. The fun part is bringing all of them together to reflect who they are while still being 2 Dog. I love this part the most. Even when we serve the same menu to different parties, they always seem to have their own personalities. It’s fascinating how that works. Soirees Southern Events is one of those problem solving teams as well. It is why I have loved working with them. Nothing shakes them. This makes my job all the easier.

I didn’t go looking to own a restaurant or a catering company, but 20 years later, I can’t imagine having done anything else. 2 Dog Catering is every part of who I am. I hope that I convey this to my customers. I want them to know that what I do is who I am and they will always have the best of me.


Contact 2 Dog:


Phone: 770-287-8384

Address: 317 Spring Steet Se • Gainesville, Ga 30501


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