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Vendor Spotlight | River Wild Design


The small details can make a big difference in the feel and aesthetic of your wedding day. Today's Vendor Spotlight, River Wild Design, can take all of your ideas and create beautiful signage to express the messages that mean the most to you! Read on to learn more about owner, Hannah Latone, and her passion for creating something unique to you!

A Little Background About Hannah

"After graduating with a degree in Entrepreneurship and spending 3 years working in the Fashion Industry, I felt called to experience more by making a shift in every aspect of my life, including my career. I was led to an organization with a program called "The World Race," an 11 month, 11 country mission trip. The sole desire during this mission was to share the love of Jesus, and share the love of Jesus we did. As my 11 months started to come to a close, I began to ask the Lord, “what’s next?” I had previously thought that in order to serve Him well, I had to be involved in some kind of ministry as a career. But that’s not the Gospel of love that He has revealed to me. That's a works-based Gospel. One that is tiring and one that I can never measure up to. And I know that with Him, I will not grow weary.

He began to remind me of how I received a degree in Entrepreneurship and taught myself design, handlettering, and calligraphy. I felt Him tell me that all of those things would combine to be a business that I not only would fall in love with, but would also glorify Him. He reminded me that, just like His well of living water that will never run dry, my creativity is never ending as well. Our ability to create is endless because we are made in His image. Creativity is our birthright (Genesis 1:26). And that’s where River Wild Design was born. The idea that our creativity is like a rapid river of water that never stops flowing. And I want to invite you into that creativity. Let’s think outside the box. Let’s get creative, so that you know when you stand up on your wedding day as an image bearer of God, that we created something uniquely you.

I specialize in Custom Wood and Acrylic Wedding and Event Signage, as well as Home Decor. I also offer countless other Day-of Stationery options. My desire as your designer is to create something that is truly unique to YOU."

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