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{ Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones }

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate with your family and friends the love that you and your groom have for each other. It's a day of happiness and excitement and it's natural to want to include all of your loved ones in the celebration, even those who have passed away. There are many ways to honor lost loved ones and incorporate them into your big day. You can honor them in a subtle way such as including their favorite flower in your bouquet or as public as reserving a seat for them at your ceremony. To make this aspect of your wedding easier we have put together a list of ideas on how to include lost loved ones in the celebration.

Honor them with a photo:

One way to honor lost loved ones is to create a memory table or display at your reception. This is a table that has pictures and small tokens from those who have passed and is a perfect way to honor them at your reception. A creative and special way to honor a close loved one who has passed away is to have a picture of them on their wedding day!

Honor them with a Token:

Adding a family heirloom into your bouquet, such as pinning a charm that was dear to your loved one or even attaching a photo, is a sweet way to incorporate them into your wedding. Wearing a locket with pictures of those whom are dear to you is another amazing way to have them close to your heart on your special day. Your groom can honor a lost loved one by creating personalized cufflinks with photo or a saying that embodies them.

Honor them with with your florals:

Incorporating their favorite flowers into your big day is a unique way to honor family and friends who have passed away. Incorporating a floral could come from a memory. For example, if you distinctly remember planting roses in your grandmothers garden with her as a child then incorporate roses into your center pieces or even your bouquets. You could also add a loved ones favorite flowers to use as your wedding cake topper.

Honor them with your favors:

Offering a special favor for your guests at your reception in your loved ones memory is an extra special way to honor them. For example, if a dear friend whom has passed away made honey, give a honey bear as your favor with a little note that explains your memory. If one of your favorite memories with your mom is baking cookies, then giving out cookies as a favor is another great idea to honor her and her legacy.

Honor them in your ceremony:

A public way to honor loved ones who have passed away in your ceremony is to reserve a seat for them by laying a flower or placing their picture in the empty seat. It is a reminder that your loved one would be celebrating along side you if they could. You can also include a note in the program that says "In loving memory of..." as a tribute to them.

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However you choose to honor lost loved ones make sure to do it in a way that celebrates the life they shared with you! Because we know that they would want to be apart of your special day if they could! Happy Planning!

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