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{ Why I Chose to Become a Coordinator }

Meet our Coordinators! Each one of our amazing Wedding Coordinators has a different story as to why they chose the wedding industry. Although they range in years of experience, each Coordinator has a passion for creating a dream wedding for every couple that comes our way! Check out their stories below!

Allison Dolph

Senior Coordinator

"In college I knew I always wanted to be in the event industry in some way, but wasn’t sure what that looked like for me! After graduating I took a job with a prominent event company in Athens and worked serval different events throughout my time there including corporate, non-profits, and weddings! I learned so much about the industry and what table cloths fit what size tables and how to deal with those clients who may be just a little bit needier then others, all in all it was a great experience, but one important thing I learned was that I LOVED weddings!! Out of all of the events I did, weddings were by far my favorite! They are always a happy occasion and to get to be an integral part of someones beginning of forever, there’s nothing better! So after some time and thought I decided to pursue a full time career doing basically just weddings and ended up at Soirees Southern Events!! Since working for SSE my love for weddings has only grown! The joy I get from connecting with my brides and their families, seeing their wedding days come to life, and the reaction they get when they walk into their reception for the first time realizing everything they have imagined is right there played out in front of them and beside them, is their best friend! You can’t beat that feeling of seeing the smile on their faces and the joy in their friends and family as they celebrate the day together! That sweet hug you get just before they head out for their exit is the icing on the cake!"

Andrea Barber

Senior Coordinator

"My professional background has always been in the food, beverage, and service industry. I managed a fine dining restaurant and lounge as well as the catering department for over 18 years. That’s how I got introduced to Soirees Southern Events, by catering numerous weddings at The Walters Barn and working with Sherri and her staff. After I left my position to help start a business with my husband, Sherri contacted me and offered me a position with her company. That was 3 years ago and I am so happy that I decided to work with Soirees Southern Events and become an Events Coordinator. I love my job and love working with the ladies that I work with. I enjoy getting to know new people and become this small part of their lives over the course of the year while planning their big day. I’m so fortunate to have a job where you make so many people happy at the end of every event."

Brittany Lee

Senior Coordinator

"Becoming a wedding coordinator was something I always dreamed of. I have always loved party planning and after planning my own wedding in 2016 I realized how much I loved wedding planning. From choosing the venue to the day of the event, watching all of the details come together is extremely rewarding. My favorite part about being a coordinator is being able to incorporate all of the different styles of each bride to make their BIG day perfect!"

Rebecca Yarck

Senior Coordinator

"This career path was never a conscious choice for me but rather the most instinctive one. The logistics of working in our industry feels as natural as putting one foot in front of the other. It is always a joyful occasion. It is challenging at times but most days it is too much fun to call work. As a result of tracking with our clients for a year or two during the planning process, many times they become dear friends when their big day is complete. Not to mention I have the pleasure of working with some of the finest planners and vendors in our industry. Our team is a class act of amazing women! I can not remember a time that planning parties, weddings and corporate events were not a part of my life. From the excitement of touring families through our venues to each planning meeting leading up to their BIG DAY, I adore being a part of one of the happiest days of a bride and grooms life. It is pure joy to be invited into the process and to make sure every detail is honored."

Grace McKinnis

Junior Coordinator

"I chose to go into the business of Wedding Coordinating because when I got married, I not only saw how important a wedding day was but also how FUN it could be! I truly want to be able to provide an amazing day like the one I had, for every single bride that I work with. I love it because I get to make each bride's dream a reality. It truly brings me joy to get to be able to make sure everything goes perfectly!"

Photos: Gloriana Photography and Jessica Pendley

Kirstin Lindstorm

Junior Coordinator

"I wanted to become a coordinator because I have always enjoyed weddings and planning events since I was a little girl. Having the opportunity to make a bride and grooms special day come to life is so rewarding." 

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